Your Local Bay Area Rum Company

It’s been a long road here, but it’s been worth every twist and turn.

Siddiqui Rum is now not only a Bay Area company that’s proudly made and bottled in Windsor, California, but we’re also widely available in stores (INSERT STORES HERE) all around the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re overjoyed that Costco is now carrying Siddiqui and hope to continue to make it easier for you to get a bottle of the good stuff whenever and wherever you want.

Right now, we’re your local rum company, and as we begin to grow outside of the Bay Area, we want to remain your local rum company. Because of that, we’re going to continue visiting local bars and doing free tastings all over the Bay to make sure people know we’re here to stay. If you want to know more about where we’re going next and which of your favorite bars or restaurants we’re going to be visiting, make sure you check out our Facebook page for more specific info.

For now though, we hope to see you soon in person. Let us know if you or your favorite bar ever want to host a Siddiqui Night. We’ll come on down and decorate the place for you, and along with some tastings of our new and classic flavors, we’ll make sure to bring a few freebies to hand out as well.

It’s always been a dream of ours to not only create a beverage we’re proud of, but also to be able to share that with the people around us. And while it makes us proud to be able to call the Bay Area home, we hope to spread our wings a bit as we try to make Siddiqui available in more and more markets each day.

So until we’re available worldwide, you can help us by continuing to spread the good word of Sid wherever you go.

-Your Friends at Siddiqui

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