The Story of Siddiqui

Bringing back the good stuff

IInitiated in 1921 Herbert Hoover, Secretary of Commerce, with the full support of the US Administration created an “open door” policy to search out and secure new sources of oil. Standard Oil of California (SoCal) was among those companies seeking oil abroad.

In 1933, the Middle Eastern Government granted a concession to SoCal to explore for oil within their Kingdom. Having no success SoCal sold a 50% stake to the Texas Oil Company (Texaco). After four years of exploration, they finally discovered oil on the seventh drill site.

From 1938 to 1951, alcohol was initially imported into the Middle East. An agreement was made with the government to allow expatriates to drink privately in their homes with strictly mandated rules.

AAfter alcohol was outlawed in 1952, the Texan oilmen started secretly building crude homemade stills and distilling alcohol using their kitchen stoves. After several explosions, the Chief Chemical from Texaco meticulously created a manual called “The Blue Flame” to safely make alcohol in your home. The manual was covertly circulated among the expatriate community. This recipe book is now used worldwide and has become a legend of sorts among the expat community.

Siddiqui was born out of the sands of the Middle East by expatriates. We are proud to bring the world this historic product loved by millions


Using the finest ingredients and our recipes have been crafted from years of experience in making desert moonshine. We hope you have a chance to spend some time with our friend, Sid, very soon and get to enjoy this mouth-watering, exotic rum with roots from the American oil industry workers that perfected it.

Enjoy Our Friend Sid