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With roots in America and the Middle East and now made in Wales. Combining the moonshining culture of the Middle East, as well as the smoky flavors of American and Welsh liquor, Siddiqui Rum is an entirely new creation, a brand-new drink that arose from a very unique place.

Siddiqui is a craft rum with a world class taste profile, unique origins, an amazing story and a passionate global following. “Siddiqui” meaning “my friend”, was born out of the sands of the Middle East by Western Oil Workers. Siddiqui is the code word for moonshine and was coined in 1952, after alcohol was outlawed. Siddiqui is still used today as a household name in the Middle East.

Guided by the Blue Flame, emerging from the underground, Siddiqui Rums is hand-crafted by Penderyn Distilleries in Wales, UK. This partnership brings together the best of both worlds, the old and new, elevating the original art of distillation and using only the finest ingredients to produce a smokey, caramel, oaky, smooth flavor like no other.


Siddiqui Brown Rum

Perfected over six decades, It has a distinctive whisky-like smoky and oaky note, but is well rounded with a short finish. Winner of 2020 Rum Awards.

Siddiqui White Rum

This Rum is Sweet and Smooth - Silver winner of 2020 Rum Awards.



Alcohol was outlawed


Oilmen began to secretly build crude homemade stills and to distill alcohol using their kitchen stoves.  A Chief Chemical Engineer created “The Blue Flame Manual” to safely make alcohol in your home. The manual was coveretly circulated among the expatriate community. 


You could buy a still and a copy of the Blue Flame Manual cost about $100 USD.  They named the moonshine “Siddiqui” meaning my friend in Arabic.


“Siddiqui” was trademarked and a Distillery was built in Northern California


First “Siddiqui Rum” was sold in Healdsburg CA.


Siddiqui Rums Corporation signed a 15 year license agreement with Penderyn Distilleries, Wales, UK to take us worldwide.  Penderyn is currently in 40 countries. 

Siddiqui in the News

Siddiqui Rums from Penderyn Distillery

Penderyn Distillery are delighted to announce that they have partnered with the California-based, Siddiqui Rums Corporation. This exciting new partnership means that Penderyn will produce Siddiqui Rums for international markets.

Siddiqui Rums win two Silver Medals at The Spirits Business Rum Masters

Penderyn are delighted to announce that they won two silver medals at the recent Spirits Business Rum Masters.